This page is dedicated to all my lovely little princesses and SLUTS!!!!!

I have some very dear sissy friends,some of them just like to be ‘mothered’, some want to be treated like little girls…those i call my little princesses,like i would call my daughter if i had one ; )And some sissies well……they just want to be like …! Not that that is possible,because there’s just one SOLANGE!!! But i do help them out by sending them my clothes,shoes,make-up,underwear,just ANYTHING or EVERYTHING i use so they can ‘play’ that they’re me…..It’s fun i really like like doing sissy packages….it’s like looking for the right items to make a nice surprise box.Also for the sluts!!!! I own enough slutty things,like lingerie,dirty short tops and skirts – Hey what do you expect i practise pole dancing so lingerie is something i love and have in abundance…I am also a ‘proud’ owner in lots and lots of sex toys! ; ) – most of them vibrate….and that normally realy makes them feel like the big sluts they are…..AND I ENJOY IT!!!!!So to all my sissies ,please leave comments of whatever you like- this page is yours!!!!!hugs….

dsc00364.JPGLADY FINGER $20 used and abused ……

psychadelic sissy $25


top sissy green$25

Pretty sissy packages start at $15!


  1. Prettyinpink190 Says:

    Hi Solange,

    Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement in introducing me to Second Life (SL) -it’s fantastic! Having bought your sexy panties on line, it’s so much more exciting to meet you in SL…you are so gorgeous and inspiring! I LOVE going exploring and shopping with you- so much fun!! I love how you have explored various types of clothing, you shared your sexy, ruffled outfits with me and I really feel like I’m a sexy girl when I’m in your company! I can’t wait for us to go shopping together in SL soon!!!!


    Your Sissy Second Life Sister


  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww…………..SO SWEET!!!!!!
    This is from my secondlife sister! He is one of my sexiest and dearest sissies.

    Thanks love and welcome again on scondlife!!! I am having a blast with you. I am quite busy at the moment,but soon we’ll get together again and have some fun.hehehehe
    Shame we’re on different time zones : ( .
    But next week we’ll see eachother again…..
    Happy easter love

    xxx Sol

  3. Sissy Daryl Says:

    Awwww I think any little sissy princess would love to have a ‘mummy’ like you. x x x

  4. Thank you hun! I love my little princesses

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