All my items are shipped PRIORITY!!!! I SHIP WORLDWIDE!!!!!All my items are first put in a ziplock baggie to maintain ‘freshness’ ; ) then i will wrap it up in gift paper( i love gifts) and send of in a bubly envelope,and ship it off straight to you!!!!!Pictures are mailed to your inbox of the e-mail adress you provide.I RESPECT PRIVACY,SO I WOULD NEVER PUT ANYTHING ON THE ENVELOPE OR PACKAGE THAT WOULD REVEAL ITS CONTENT.

Prices:for regular panties,sockings and socks : €5 for any country in Europe,$10 for rest of the world .Packages go depending on the size and weight……….


I accept:- myregistry, send me a cash gift using pp or something from that wishlist

secondlife: where you can pay me in Lindens purchased with pp or creditcard.Signing up is easy,fast and FOR FREE!!!!

american apparel, good for the EU buyers-

niteflirt – I can also accept several creditcards on there.


– something for the exact amount of money of one of my wishlists (make sure to send it of as a GIFT-not fond of paying tax for it)



My Registry

amazon wishlist

I have made a big effort trying to find payment options for everybody. I do not have my own merchant account and as you guys know, paypal does not allow adult transactions!!! AND I DON’T ACCEPT THEM DIRECTLY!!! -SO DON’T BOTHER ASKING!!!!! How ever there are some simple solutions for everybody.

For example myregistry (listed above), has apart from the things i really want a button

called ‘ send cash gift’ you can use pp uploading your money. They only charge $3,95 handling fee.

I do accept online giftcertificates from several stores.

If you are from the EU, then american apparel or Mango will be the best for you.

If you’re from the states you have more options, just check the “SPOIL ME! GIFTCERTIFICATES” section out.

This also counts for residents of other parts of the world

In my sidebar you’ll see : wishlist and under there ‘giftcertificates’

And hey i like to be spoiled too,just like i spoil you with my goodies. So giftcerts or something from my wishlist is ALWAYS appreciated! – For every gift i receive, i will send 5 FREE pics, this includes items purchased directly from my wishlists.

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