Now you can talk to me LIVE! Chitchat about panties, other fetishes, common interests, wishes,desires, place direct orders or get to know each other better. I have made an effort to open up a Nitelirt account and made some live listings.Go and check my page out to see what i have going on on there. Especially if you like to be dominated i have some special surprises for you. So hurry and check it out. I will be working on there for the rest off this whole week to ad some extra fun and naughty stuff. If you have any suggestions or if you want me to create a ‘special’ line for you – let me know about it and i’ll see what i can do.Talk to you soon…………

Call my pantylover line:

Are you a LOSER? Are you too scared to talk to me? Do you get off listening to me doing what i have to do?You can call me then, I won’t talk to you, maybe i will laugh at you. Because you are a ridiculous worthless prick not worthy of my time!

Call my ignore line:

‘Recorded listings’ coming soon……….

2 Responses to “niteflirt”

  1. Hun you might need to change the niteflirt link…it links to your account page somehow… maybe better like this /solangexxx

    luv ya

  2. Oh really!!!!! Thanks for the heads up!
    Luv ya lots!!!!!

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