About ME


This is all about me…………My name is Solange,i’m in my late 20’s livin la vida loca in Amsterdam,the Netherlands.I LOVE THIS CITY!!!!! The culture,canals,buildings,the people and especially their openmindedness.I live quite a normal life, i work-yes i have a J.O.B, go to the gym, meet up with my friends, go clubbin , shopping. I love to dance!!! Any kind from deephouse to salsa,classics,reggea,some rock songs…i even practice pole dancing.I like to cook and bake,read and travelling- Believe me i have travelled a lot!!!! And still do whenever i get the chance.LOL.


  • Hight: 1,65m or 5,4ft
  • Weight: 65 kl or 143- curvy.
  • color of eyes: hazel
  • color of hair dark brown/black….although i tend to color it sometimes ; )
  • bra size: 75C/ 34C
  • panty size: well it depends i can go from small to medium to large if it’s that time of the month,and i wanna feel comfy.
  • shoesize: 38, i guess it’s 8 in the u.s and for the u.k -NO IDEA!

  • So there’s a bit more about ME,now let me tell you how i started with pantyselling.While at home one night and bored.I was browsing the internet…..i always thought on doing something on the internet-adult related- but never saw myself doing porn or webcam sex. Thing is Amsterdam is very liberal but i have high standards on my privacy….

  • I like the feeling of being sexy,wanted and adored…..but i couldn’t ever find something that i could do and keep some kind of privacy.So while i was surfing adult related sites i was also checkin out lingerie!!!! One of my other big passions. I saw on ebay a girl selling her worn panties!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!! So i did some investigation,hehehehe,and ended up at EBANNED!!!Didn’t think twice and joined!!! I clearly remember my first auction. The thrill of it,imagening that someone on this planet would be sniffing my panties soon!!!But it wasn’t enough so after more research i got to PANTYHOG-the best site ever!!! There i learned so much about fetishes and got to discover and practise mine…..There I learned that i had to get PANTYTRUST VERIFIED!!! So i did,and joined PANTYTRUST and last but definitely NOT least MY NEW HOBBY: SECONDLIFE!!!! I was amazed at what is possible these days….So i got myself a store there in the Pantyhog mall-when i discovered that i was missing just one more thing,another project…..MY WEBSITE!!!

  • Boy wasn’t i knowing what the F**k i was getting myself into!! See i am horrible with computers,well got better now cause switched to mac-but what a disaster!!!!!I knew how i wanted it-but just couldn’t do it!!!!

  • I have one now-but KEZ-aka Fetish kitten-advised me to try this! A blog on wordpress,so that people can read about me,see more about me and WAY easier.

  • So here i am!!! And looking forward to meet new interesting people…… from all over the world!

  • By the way i speak: english, dutch and spanish!!!!!!!

  • I’ve started on NITEFLIRT,too. It’s fairly new to me and i’m still discovering the site but so far it’s been fun.

  • dsc00130.JPGnewlogo.gif

7 Responses to “About ME”

  1. Wow, so much information 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to write so much about you, its so nice to read and get to know you more.


  2. Beautiful ^^.

  3. rebelsanjel Says:

    Sweet site hun!!!

  4. Eden Siahaan Says:

    Wow.. sexy woman

  5. Love the site Solange and Hi! xx

  6. Thanks Bea!
    Your site is lovely too, and very sexy panties you have……..

  7. compliments… 😀
    exchange links :D?



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