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Posted in Uncategorized on May 23, 2008 by solangexxx

We’ll you know that with moving you have to buy new things. So a month ago I ordered a beautifull new fridge and a wonderfull new oven. It’s this high tech microwave that does it all- cooking,grilling,steaming,etc,etc……….Not only is it funcional-but the design is sleek and sexy. Just like me ; )…..

So today was the day,after a lot of headache and waiting-finally it came in. So i got a call from the delivery guys,telling me they would be there in half an hour! While my appointment was at 2 o’clock.

I mean wonderfull that they where on their way,but mind you i was wet and playing with myself! So i’m thinking, what am i going to do? I felt so great because i had just bought myself a nice vibrating toy and enjoyed a nice hot shower and now i was lying on my towel playing with my new viberator and about to come hard….

Should i stop,get dressed and wait for them,like any ‘normal’ person would do? Or should i go on and see what happens? I felt sooo great,horny and not willing to give up my moment-so i continued…. But time was running.

The thought of those guys coming over to drop my stuff was even more of a thrill. What if…….?? I know if they would have been there and then a ‘menage a trois’ was definitely going to be happening!

Just 2 minutes before they arrived i came hard! Total exctasy……

I got up put on a sweatpants,without any panties on and a tanktop without a bra! Just when i had put it on the doorbell rang………. i opened the door, shooked their hands without washing them.  Total pussy odeur on them and said: “Finally’………………………..


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Recently i had to move……TWICE!…….in a period of 6 weeks. Imagine the stress i have been going through!!! JEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ. But luckily and thank god, i am in my new home now,where i finally managed to get an internet connection. So i’m back for everybody here to please! To celebrate my new home i am putting up 2 auctions on ebanned, 1 on pantyhog and i will do 2 direct sales from this blog!

One piece is avery sexy thong from LOU made in france, elegant and high quality but worn for years!Lace with nice flowers to celebrate summertime…… I will be wearing it for 48 hours with playtime guaranteed! Did i mention i bought a new vibrator? hehehehehehe. The price is €35

Second piece is a sheer sexy boxer, with lace trimmings… very ass huggable and this will be worn for 24 hour hours, with playtime guaranteed for €15

Shipping and handling = €5 WORLDWIDE!

As for payment options please check my website:

Ready to celebrate my new house with me?