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Today i have spend the whole day updating my pantyworld pages. ; )

I have official opened up my pantybid store and will put up more items this coming week. I allready have 2 auctions up there you might want to check out!

I also have put up an auction on ebanned with some hott ass pics.

Further a big update on my website,with more info and sexy picture’s.

So everybody



new auctions up!

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photo-52.jpg#$%^&* shite! My cam is NOT working!!!!!GRRRRRR@#$%^

Lucky me my webcam IS working!!!! So i’ve had my sexy photoshoot using my webcam. LOL- actually they didn’t turned out bad at all. You might wanna check for yourself. I have got 2 auctions up and running at ebanned.

Have fun and bid on these 2 sexy hot pieces.

More auctions planned soon at pantyhog.




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Browsing on the internet for stuff i’d like. Hey I still have some giftcertificates to use, so i’m just checking things out. Hmmmmm why are the shipping and handling so high??? I know it comes from the u.s AND it has to go al the way to europe. BUT DAMNNN how come you are going to charge$ 54 dollars shipping and handling for a small tube of contact gel??? (I have an ultrasound massager) The tube only costs $6,95!!! That’s just nuts! I mean nobody has to tell me about shipping and handling, I know it’s pricey-but hey you’re talking to a pantyseller and i do make big packages sometimes,but never ever charge$ 54 dollars to ship out a bottle of cum/pee/whatever! I am sooo mad about this! Lucky me 2 very nice ladies from ebanned offered me to receive and forward something if i like……. : ) So that brought me to try something different then…… very nice things on there and they all ship to the netherlands and no they don’t charge that much. Hmmmmmmmmm ONLY 1 mayor problem!-It’s all in German!!!!!!! Now i do speak and understand my part,and if I have to read it as well. But my buyers??? LOL.NO! Mostly i have buyers who speak english, sooooooo……again………..not for me. Then I knew it!! Perfect! It’s in english and in europe (shipping &handling) ONLY…………………..They fricking ship their items only in the UK!!!!! What??? WHY??!!  #$%^&*(DAMMITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!So, it is and i’ll probably have them ship it to one of my friends…. : ( What’s a girl to do……………………………….*sight* 

Promise made ,promise kept

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While it’s 1.12 am now, i’m still not sleepy……..I had a long day working on my computer doing stuff for my pantyfans! I have discovered (hopefully) a new payment option that will make things easier for us. It took me almost my whole day but i finally got some kind of solution. So that my international buyers are satisfied ,too. I have never tried it. But invite anyone to test it out with me.heheheheheOkay another great thing is that i’m registered at NITEFLIRT! Oh yes! I’m officially a flirt! LOLI’ve tried to set up something nice for you guys,but you know my html skills are NOT the best. ; )Anyway i have a pantyhotline and some domme things on it. If you are into that please check my page new niteflirt  out.Or just give me a call…………….To be continued.

Back to ‘normal’

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I was planning on starting to write my blog more frequently again on Monday- but it seems my live keeps on being as busy as it can be! Sadly enough not only with good things,but also some bad…….I will not start this new year writing about ‘negative’ things-as yet!- so here’s my Tuesday.When I woke up this morning i had REAL muscle pain!!!! See I started going to the gym again trying to get my old routine back and did a one hour yoga class. Boy -o boy let me tell you that i’m stiff as a board. LOL Really those movements, i have to get them back. : )So I decided today that i would do a pilates class too. YIKES!!!!! All the muscles in my butt hurt like hell. I guess that’s good but if you’re cramping while riding a bike, ( everybody here in amsterdam does) it makes you think ‘ why -o- WHY!Let’s just say it’s for the good for me and my pantybuyers if my body just stays in form. I also need to get my flexibility back , because this lady is ready to get back to poledancing again!!!But first i’m going to throw myself on the couch and rest my badly hard and tired body…..PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFWHY-O-WHY???!!!!