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Posted in Uncategorized on March 31, 2007 by solangexxx

Spring is here!!!! Yay! The weather here in amsterdam has been quite good,people in the city are allready sitting on terraces,enjoying some drinks and smokes. (marijuana is legal here-but i don’t smoke it)

I have been extreemly busy but have managed to put up some new auctions on ebanned and pantyhog.So make sure you’ll check them out! I have thought of just about everybody. For auction now:

1 ultimate sissy package SOLD……SORRY!

1 pair of the cutest but dirtiest socks, hehehehe

1 pair of ‘nude’pantyhose ..including some pussy pics

and soon to come :


1 pair of red hot poledance panties

dsc00657.jpg 1 set of panties and strapless bra.

So bid bid bid,or you could just order directly ; )

check out new feature xxxsexylinksxxx

Posted in Uncategorized on March 21, 2007 by solangexxx

Yay I finally did it!!! I have made a special link page for all my pantymistresses and dominatrixes. Make sure you check them out and i’m sure you’ll find one sexy girl for your fantasies ; )

I have linked fetish kitten allready and the rest will follow soon……

xoxo Solange


panty updates

Posted in Uncategorized on March 17, 2007 by solangexxx

These last 2 days i have been extremely busy with updating my whole panty world. ; )

First of all i have made a very nice,so i think update at my ebanned  me page.It was quite a struggle for me to do so-but finally i did it :0)

While i was at it i just finished my member page on pantyhog and even added a whole new Once i get going i just cant I posted on both site’s some auctions and on pantyhog’s pantybid i updated my store and mepage!!!!!

To continue this updating i will;

-as soon as the lag is less, do some extra work at my pantyshop at secondlife.heyhey I have allready started!

-make a beautifull link page for all my sexy panty friends,

-AND realy update my website- it’s the most difficult thing to do,but as soon as time will let me I WILL DO IT.

I have allready made a start and believe me i will finish it!

I’ll keep you updated, there will be a part 2 of this post…………..

xoxo Solange

website troubleshooting

Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2007 by solangexxx

I have a website wich i created with iwebs. Yes i am a mac user…..Havent always been,just a ‘switcher’. And to be honest i love it!!!!! At first it was a bitch to get used to it,but now i’m hooked! Wouldn’t want to switch to windows ever again.uhum.

But i have a slight problem. It wasnt so hard to use iwebs to create a website i somehow like,but updating it is a     BITCH!!!

I need to update soon and i tried before but nothing that i do works….HMMM maybe i need to switch to dreamweaver or rapid weaver…does anyone have any experience with it???I could use all the info,help and tips out there….

new auctions!

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Today i took the time to put some auctions up at pantyhog.If you’re interested just check this out!

I have also some very naughty auctions up at ebanned click here to go to my mepage and auctions …….

Hope you like them……xoxoxo