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Today i have added 4 auctios on ebanned!!!!!! If you want to check them out just go to


It will take you straight to my me page,just scroll all the way down,and you’ll see something for the footlovers,pantyfreaks and last but definately not least…..the ultimate sissy package!!!!!!

have fun………


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It’s 6.58 p.m-saturday and it has been raining all day!!!!!!!
I like the rain when i’m at home not having to go out,or even better while sleeping. I think that one of the best things in life.
Raindrops fallin on the roof,while snoozing in bed…The sound makes it good,hearing it falling down…And me safe and sound in my bed,maybe with someone special next to me to make some good ‘ol loving-not fucking-but serious slow and intense lovemakin’.
But I hate the rain when i have things to do outside of my house!!!!! Believe me i just prefer some cold,then rain!!!!!Getting all wet and cold.And today was the day! When i woke up it was a bit dark allready-but it wasn’t raining. Then after checking my auctions and my mail-it started.First slow then real hard rain!!!! UGHHHH and i had to do some grocery shopping,check my mailbox,etc,etc.I dreaded the idea of going outside-but had to.While walking to the supermarket-a bus passed me by and splashed a huge wave of dirty poluted water on me.YUK!!!! And i hadn’t even went inside of the supermarket yet!!!
I was sooo pissed off! That i was actualy thinking of turning right around and f***n leave! But back home my fridge was still empty….so i counted till 10 and did my shopping.
Now just got home and started cooking!yay because at 11p.m i will be off to work!!! Soooo don’t feel like going….
I’m tired,sleepy,lazy and just want to crawl up in my bed and listen to the rain………


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I went poledancing last night. After a long time i decided i felt like dancing again……..It was fun, i realy enjoyed it and as i was flying aroud the pole so did the time……But then today..boy o boy -my body feels like it was hit by a bus!!!!! The pain!!!! My muscles ache sooo much that i had forgotten they ever existed!And working while aching this much!!! PFFFFFFFFF!!!!
But one thing is clear. I will be doing this again at least once a week. I enjoy it AND it’s a great workout.
I am even considering of putting a pole in my house-I think i will save up for that! The money i will make by selling my stuff wil go right into my piggybank,for my little poledance corner in my house. I will need a pole-ofcourse- and lots of mirrors.
I bet there will be some awesome pictures from that ; )once i’m set.Till that time i will go to a public dance school,where they do have some poles and practice there.Thing is can’t make pics there.Since cams are not allowed.Hmmmm I might even start selling my poledance panties! Would that be interresting???
Well gotta go now,need to do some things in my secondlife store-and i might even pop into the gym.I haven’t been there now for a
xoxoxo Solange

Hello world!

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Hi peeps!!!! Well this is goin to be a quick blog,still editing this thing untill i realy like it! But just couldn’t wait to post something…I will be blogging mainly in english-but i might have some in spanish sometimes. Don’t get scared!!!!

love xoxo Solange

Hola mi gente,soy nueva en eso pero devesen cuando voy a dejar algo en espanol! Y cuando termine hacer este blog,tendra mas cosas en espanol todavia,aunque si voy a dejar mas posts in ingles.No se asusten!!!!!

un besote Solange